2016 PILD Presentations and Handout Materials

General Sesion Presentations

Extension Innovation, Past, Present, Future - Dr. Douglas L. Steele, Director Texas A & M AgriLife Extension   Presentation 

ECOP Is You - Michelle Rodgers, ECOP Chair, Associate Dean and Director University of Delaware   Presentation  

National Urban Extension Leaders   Presentation

Ethan Orr's Workshop Presentation  Presentation

North Carolina's Story for Eathan Orr's Panel Discussion - Travis Burke   Presentation

NIFA - National Program Leaders' Presentations

         Speaker: Dr. Caroline Crocoll - "NIFA Family and Consumer Sciences - Overview"  Presentation

         Speaker: Dr. Helen Chipman - "Importance of the Federal, University and County/Local Partnership"  Presentation

         Speaker: Dr. Sylvia Montgomery - "Update on Adult Development and Aging"  Presentation

         Speaker: Dr. Ahliahia Shipley - "Family and Community Health @ NIFA"  Presentation

         Speaker: Dr. Beverly C. Samuel - "Housing and Environmental Health"  Presentation

         Speaker: Dr. Brent Elrod - "Community and Rural Development at NIFA"  Presentation

         Speaker: Dr. Cecilia Johnson & Dr. Philemon Rheins - "Civil Rights"  Presentation 

Joint NEAFCS and ESP Session

         Speaker: Dr. Francis Lee - "Understanding Congress & Its Members"  Presentation

Concurrent Sessions 

Camping at the Capitol: Innovative Ways to Enhance Advocacy & Build Support for Extension

Author: Mc Donald, Debbie; Director, Professional & Organizational Development, West Virginia University Extension Service

Additional Authors: Proudfoot, Chad N.



What I Learned: My Experiences "Advocating" for Extension in the State Legislature and Locally in the Community.

Author: Levitre, Rick; Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Franklin County



Using Innovation and Research to Meet the Educational Needs of a Growing Latino Population

Author: Roberts, Adrie J.; Extension Assistant Professor, USU Davis County Extension

Additional Authors: Manan, Jorge A., Madsen, Michael E. 


Working out of Silos and Into School Gardens

Author: Portelos-Rometo, Dr. Maria; Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, University of Florida Extension

Additional Authors: Spriggs, Stacy M.



Funding Extension With Declining County Budgets

Author: Backman, Carrie; County Director, Washington State University Extension Wahkiakum County




Innovation Through Leader Development Across the Life Span

Author: Kaufman, Eric K.; Eric K. Kaufman, Extension Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Additional Authors: Hanks, D Sarah K., Friedel, Curtis R., Clegorne, Nicholas A., Seibel, Megan M., Kirland, Kelsey C., Burbaugh, Bradley J.

  Presentation  Handout


County Level Advocacy for $$$ to Support Extension Programs

Author: Reeves, Cindy; Maui County Administrator, University of Hawaii at Manoa-CTAHR



Come Tell Me A Story - Your Story

Author: Kinsey, Sharon; Camden County 4-H Agent/Associate Professor, Rutgers University Extension



Putting the Pieces Together: Leading Together  

Author: Alexis Cordova, Liberty County Extension Agent for Family Consumer Sciences, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Additional Authors: Ronnie McDonald



Title: Targeting Distinctive Audience with Cooperative Extension Programs: Florida’s Water Schools for Decision Makers

Author: Borisova, Tatiana; Extension Specialist, University of Florida Extension

Additional Authors: Martinez, Chris, Barber, Lynn, Carnevale, Shannon, Jarvis, BJ, Seals, Lynda



Extension's Role in Farm to School Advocacy: Current legislation, Models of Success, and Strategies for Addressing Emerging Issues

Author: Carol A. Smathers, MS, MPH;  Assistant Professor and Field Specialist in Youth Nutrition, The Ohio State University Extension

Additional Authors: Talis, Natalie



Inclusion Across the Spectrum

Author: Natasha Robinson, WVU Extension

Additional Author: Scheerbaum, Carole

Presentation   Handout


Urban Innovation,‘TheNewExtension Story’

Author: Travis Burke, Interim Extension Director, North Carolina State University

Additional Author: Proden, Patrick; DeCiantis,Deno ; Fox, Julie