General Sesion Presentations

PresenterCarolyn Lukensmyer
Title: Incivility and Policical Dysfunction: What Can We Do About It?General Session 1
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NIFA - National Program Leaders' Presentations

         Speaker: Erin Daly, Bobbie Moore and Adam Preuter  Download: Presentation

         Speaker: Adele Turzillo, Mike Fitzner, Jeff Steiner and Steve Smith  Download: Presentation

         Speaker: Caroline Crocoll, Beverly Samuel, Ahlishia Shipley, Jane Clary, Mallory Koenings and Sylvia Montgomery Download: Presentation

Concurrent Sessions 

Presenter: Bruce Chladny, KSU Extension
Additional Presenter: Trudy Rice, KSU Extension
Title: Getting Results with Groups: Extension Master Community Facilitator Initiative
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Presenter: Karen Vines, VaTech Extension
Title: Bringing Civility to Contentious Issues Through Facilitated Community Dialogue
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Presenter: Faith Peppers, UGA Extension
Additional Presenters: Sara G. Lupis, Francis I. Gould
Title: Measuring and Reporting Impact and Public Value Through Storytelling
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Presenter: Jennison Kipp Searcy, UF/IFAS Extension
Additional Presenters: R.C. Madhosingh-Hector, H.A. Abeels, L.M. Seals, A.A. Betancourt
Title: CIVIC + Sustainable Floridians: Nurturing Community Dialogue and Capacity
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Presenter: Lisa Ingram, WVU Extension
Additional Presenters: David Hartley, Stephanie Lusk, Jamie Mullins
Title: iRespect – Building Youth Interpersonal Capacity Against Bullying
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Presenter: William A. Warren, U of I Extension
Title: Extension Engagement with Natural Resource Collaboratives: Fostering Civil Dialogue Among Opposing Interests for the Good of the Land and Communities
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Presenter: Barbara Dunn Swanson, ISU Extension
Additional Presenters: Malisa Rader
Title: OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World
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Presenter: Erin Yelland, KSU Extension
Title: Facilitating Critical Conversations for Community Health
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Presenter: Thomas B. Murphy, PSU Extension
Additional Presenters: Carol Loveland|
Title: Creating a Common Dialogue in a Challenging Energy Conversation
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Presenter: Debbie Nistler, UF IFAS Extension
Additional Presenters: Stacey Ellison, Samar Deary
Title: Positive Civil Discourse: How to Debate and Keep Your Friends
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Presenter: Pat Bebo, OSU Extension
Additional Presenters: Jennifer McCaffrey, University of Illinois
Title: Beyond the Aisle – Crafting Compelling Advocacy Messages for Use Throughout the Year
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Presenter: Eric Kaufman Va Tech Extension
Title: Effective Leadership Through Humble Inquiry
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