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Our Mission: To elevate the awareness of Extension’s national reputation as an organization of excellence, synergistically leverage the efforts of the member associations, foster leadership and collaboration, provide professional development and scholarship opportunities, and advocate for the Extension profession. in creating and ensuring the future of the Extension System.


                                    The JCEP Marketing Team

Marketing Strategy: To enhance appreciation, value, visibility, and impact of the Joint
Council of Extension Professionals to the six partnering associations’ membership of
the Joint Council of Extension Professionals*. We will accomplish this through the
offerings of personal and professional growth for advancing a Cooperative Extension
unified message to administration, policy-makers, fellow association members and

Vision: To promote communication, cooperation and professionalism among Extension

Mission: JCEP is the center of the Extension profession and a partnership of Extension
professional associations: doing what each cannot do effectively alone, building
leadership and collaboration, providing professional development and scholarship
opportunities and advocating for excellence in the Extension Profession.
Our Pledge: One voice for Cooperative Extension.